Construction And Operation Details

Premium Chain Conveyor (Drag/Reddler Conveyor) Is Important Conveyor For Bulk Material Handling (Mechanical).

These Conveyors Are Ideal For Handling Variety Of Free Flowing Materials. These Conveyors Are Meant For Quick & Efficiently Without Damaging (Breaking). Premium Chain Conveyors Carry Grains, Seeds And Other Free Flowing Materials Along Entire Depth Of Conveyor On Special Uhmwpe Liners. The Material Is Gently Carried Out With Equal Discharge Rate And Form One More Layer. The Plugging Is Return Chain Keep The Material To A Maximum Level.

The Material Is Fed Past The Upper Return Chain, It Then Falls In To The Through Bottom, Where The Lower Chain Moves It And Forward S The Discharge Side. When The Additional Material Is Introduced, It Lays On The Top Of Moving Material And Is Discharge At The Same Rate As The Chain.

Safety Features:

The Inbuilt Overflow Device In The Event Of Overflow Of Material At Discharge End, Throws It Out. If This Is Beyond Acceptable Limit The Limit Switch Provided In The System Will Stop The Motor. For Any Reason, The Speed Of The Motor Varies Beyond Tolerance Limit, The Sensor Probe At Rail End Immediately Will Give The Signal To Zero Speed Switch And This Switch Will Stop The Motor And Thus Assuring Safe Operation.

Technical Specifications

Model Box Size in mm Capacity (Tons/Hr) B.D. 0.7 gm/cc Chain Speed(Mts/Minute) H.P.
PCC – 150 150 x 200 05 0.45 to 0.6 2
PCC – 200 200 x 250 10 0.45 to 0.6 2
PCC – 250 250 x 300 25 0.45 to 0.6 3
PCC – 350 300 x 350 70 0.45 to 0.6 5
  • Chain Speed Varies Between 0.45 To 0.6 M/SEC.
  • Capacities Are Indicative Only.
  • H.P. Given For 10 Meter Length.

Popular Applications

Grains, Seeds, Rice, Wheat, Maize, Millets(Bajra), Sorghum(Juwar), Coffee, Sugar, Beans, Soya, Cornmeal, Sunflower Seeds And Many More…..