• Screenless grinding
  • Easy adjustable classifier plate
  • Cool grinding
  • High degree of fineness
  • Grinding, classification & Conveying in
  • one operation
  • Sharp & narrow particle distribution
  • Wide range of applications
Ayurvedic Herbs Fibre Opening Jeera Red Oxide
Broken Biscuit Fish Feed Milk Powder Salt
Catalysts Flourcent Powder Neem Seed Spices (chilly)
Cellulose Gelatin Peracitamol Sugar
Chemical Glucose Pesticide Tea (waste)
China Clay Gram Dal Phenolic Resin Turmeric
Diorok Powder Green Pigment Pottasium Carbonate Udad Dal
Dyes & Intermediates Ibuprufen Ppt Silica Ultra – Marine Blue


Lab model is compact and with 5 h.p. Motor is manually fed and have bottom open gravity discharge. This machine is ideal for small batch  production.

  • Model – PTCM – 5 (Baby)
  • Rotor dia – 200 mm
  • Motor H.P. – 5
  • Capacity – 20-25 kg/hr.
  • Space required – 1700 x 500 x 2000 mm


Standard installation is with mill having in-built classifier gap plate, fan, cyclone collector and fabric type dust collector with suitable stands. At the outlet of cyclone, y-piece or/and rotary airlock valve is provided depending upon the application and fineness of end product. For sticky and large size installation additional suction blower is recommended.

Technical specification
Model Rotor Dia in mm. Mill motor H.P. Capacity Upto kg./hr Space required

L X B X H in mm.

PTCM – 10 300 10 50 80 7500 x 1500 x 4500
PTCM – 20 400 20 100-160 7500 x 1500 x 5000
PTCM – 40 600 40 175-250 8500 x 2500 x 5000
PTCM – 60 700 60 275-400 8500 x 2500 x 5000
PTCM – 80 800 75 450- 650 8500 x 3000 x 5000
PTCM – 100 1000 100 750-1000 1000 x 4000 x 6000


For Very Fine Grinding, Dusty, Expensive And Pungent Material, It Is Recommended To Have Installation With Reverse Pulse Air Jet Dust Collector. They Have A Self Cleaning Arrangement, Special Type Of Fabric, Solenoid Valve And Timer. The Installation Also Have Airlock Valve Attached At The Outlet Of Dust Collector. Thus Installation Is Dust Free. The Section Of Blower Provides Constant Air Flow For Conveying And Cooling. The Damper Controls The Flow Of Air In The System. Mimic Type Electric Control Panel Is Provided With Ammeters, Relays, Starters For Almost Automatic Operation Above System.

Capacity And Fineness Of End Product Depend Upon Type Of Material, Feed Size And Other Characteristics. The Capacities Given In The Table Are Tentative And Will Be Different For Different Materials. Same Way Fineness Also Varies From Material To Material. Generally It Is 75 To 37 Microns

For Applications, Where Cool Grinding Is Expected, A Chilling Plant Can Be Offered In Line With Mill, The Air From Atmosphere Is Sucked By Chilling Plant And Temperature Of This Air Is Reduced By Almost 20 C And Such Cooled Air Is Passed Along With Feed Material In Turbo Classifier Mill. The Rise In Temperature During Grinding Is Absorbed By Cool Air. Same Way, If Feed Material Is Having Moisture Or Is Of Hygroscopic Nature, Hot Air Generator Can Be Incorporated In Line With Mill And Heated Material Can Be Ground.

Technical specification
model rotor dia in mm power consumption Air volume in M’/hr Rotor  speed RPM Capacity KG / Hr Space Required L X B X H in. mm
Mill screw fedder Ralv Blower fan
PTCM-10 PAJ 300 10 0. 5 0. 5 3 550 6000 50-80 6000 X 3000 X 4000
PTCM-20 PAJ 400 20 1 1 5 1300 4320 100-160 7000 X 3000 X 4500
PTCM-40 PAJ 600 40 1 1 7. 5 3500 2860 175-250 7500 X 3000 X 5000
PTCM-60 PAJ 700 60 1 1 10 3800 2450 275-400 8000 X 3500 X 5000
PTCM-80 PAJ 800 75 1 1 10 4000 2150 450-650 8000 X 4000 X 5000
PTCM-100 PAJ 1000 100 1 1 15 5000 1750 750-1000 10000 X 5000 X 6000


Premium Turbo Classifier Mill is a fine grinding mill with integrated grinding, classifying, and conveying operations. Depending upon the material characteristics and parameters, output fineness can be anywhere between 200 mesh to 450 mesh. The equipment is a screenlesspulveriser. The equipment operates on principle of spiral classifications. The main shaft carries the rotor & blower fan. It has an adjustable gap plate. The blower fan sucks the air from grinding chamber, and discharges the air and product to cyclone where the product is collected. The gap plate adjustment alters the amount of air flow which results in withdraw from grinding chamber. Once gap plate is adjusted, output fineness is uniform. The equipment is recommended for soft and brittle material having MOH hardness up to 3. The feed size should not exceed 6 mm.


This assembly consists of multi edged beaters mounted on rotor which is dynamically balanced. The complete assembly is secured to the grinding chamber with bearing housing. All bearings are lubricated & are protected against any leakage of ground product, dirt & moisture by means of a special sealing rings. The assembly is driven by Vee belt pulley.

This machined serrated conical liners are mounted inside the body & door. This gives more grinding area as compared to straight liners. These are easy to replace which reduces down time. Fine grinding can be achieved by shear, turbulance& impact between liners & beaters.

By Using Different Gap Plates, The Amount Of Flow Will Change (Either Increase Or Decrease). Due To This Fineness Will Be Adjusted. For Many Applications, Mill Can Run Without Gap Plate.

Due to high air flow in the grinding chamber grinding occurs in cool condition. If necessary (for heat sensitive material) in built water cooling system can be utilised as equipment comprises with water cooling jacket arrangement.

All driven motors are fixed to the base frame having slide rails and are easily adjustable. Power is transmitted by v-belts & pulleys. Tip speed can be varied by help of A. C. Variable drive, which is provided as optional accessory. To precisely control the feed variable feed drive can be provided as optional.


  1. All Types (12 Nos.) of PULVERISERS installed.
  2. Different types of PULLEYS, SCREEN, GAP PLATES AND GRINDING ELEMENTS kept to conduct TRIALS on customer’s materials
  3. TEST SIEVES, scientific WEIGHING facility available for SIEVE ANALYSIS for DRY as well as WET SIEVE TESTING.
  4. More than 500 material samples and 4000 DATA available for REFERENCE.