Working Principle

The Whirlpul Micronizer Is Based On The Principle Of Circulating The Product To Be Ground Within An Air System. The Product Is Progressively Micronised At The Periphery Of The Rotors Under The Effect Of Blades Shock, Lining Relief And Attrition.

The Distinctive Principle Of Whirlpul Micronizer Equipment Consist Of Introducing The Material To Be Pulverised Into An Air Current And Thereafter Submitting It To :
(A)   Intense Turbulence:  (B)  Change Of  Pressure :  (C) Vibration:

Which Progressively Disintegrate The Material Or Cause It To Shatter From Within (As In The Case Of Cellular Matter).  These Conditions Arise At The Periphery Of The Multi-Chambered Had To Be Traversed By The Air Current Carrying The Material.

Popular Applications :

  • Plastic Materials and Synthetic resins (vinyl.).
  • Heat sensitive chemical products, elastomers.
  • Non-metallic minerals (clay, Limestone and do lomite, graphite, coal, diamaceos earths, mica, Sulphur, etc….)
  • All chemical compound in a solid state (metallic, salts, or ganics, catalytic materials etc…)
  • Pigments and Dyestuffs.
  • Insecticides (HCH  & DDT with their carriers).
  • Gums
  • Cereals and other milling products.
  • Animal feeding stuffs and other vagetable products.

Broad Specs.

RotorDia (MM) H.P
350 5 – 15
500 25 – 50
750 75 – 100
1000 120 – 150



  • Miracle Mill
  • Pin Mill
  • Micro Pulveriser
  • Universal Mill
  • Wizzcon Mill
  • Turbo ClassifierMill
  • WhirlpulMicronizer
  • Turbo Mill
  • Ventilated Hammer Mill


  • Various types sieves / Sieve Analysis
  • Various size of Pulley
  • Bulk Density measuring facility
  • Hardness measuring facility
  • Various test materials / bulk density measuring
  • Variaspulverised materials and test reports