Top discharge premium basket centrifuge

General description

Centrifuge is equipment for separating solids & liquids. This is a faster method of filtration and eminently suitable for elimination of liquid or moisture from slurry & wet agglomorates.

In simple filtration operation, the liquid seeps down through the filter cloth because of gravity. The filter cloth permits the liquids to pass through but prevent powders to pass. After sometime the fine particles settle on the filter cloth & effectively “blind”, the filter cloth & there by stopping the progress of filtration.

The above hindrance is eliminated in case of centrifuging,Because of centrifugal action the gravity force on the Liquid is very high, more than “400 times” the normal `g’ value. This causes very high pressure on the filter cloth and hence the fine particle powder is settled. The liquid is ejected through the space between the particles and reaches the filter cloth from where it is evacuated

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Outer casing

the outer casing has cylindrical shell, bottom conical plate & top cover and it houses rotating basket. the outlet pipe is fixed in a tangential position in the direction of rotation for easy elimination of discharge liquid from rotating basket &flowing on the surface of shell &the conical plate.


The basket has a thick rigid plate at the bottom, fixed to a perforated cylinder. The bottom plate does not have any perforation. The perforated cylinder acts as a support to the filter cloth, which is subjected to centrifugal force and holds the wet powder. The basket is dynamically balanced for elimination of vibration during rotation.

The bearing housing holding the shell is fixed rigidly to the outer casing (under the conical bottom plate). The basket is fixed by taper lock on the bore and also by a dome nut having reverse thread. This combination ensures rigid locking of the basket to the main shaft during rotation of the basket.

During starting of rotation, a certain level of vibration is noticed. This vibration of the rotating body is transmitted to the outer shell because of rigid fixing of the bearing housing. Hence, outer casing is suspended on spring to isolate the vibration to the foundation. The outer casing is suspended on three springs. There are three legs holding the three springs by suspension bolts, which have a spherical heads. This helps in swinging of the bolts & avoid vibration affecting the leg, base frame and foundation.

The main shaft and bearings are critical parts of the equipment and are manufactured with extensive care for ease of assembly, maintenance and proper running. One of the bearing is “nu” bearing. The special feature is that suitable holes are drilled, providing passage for grease the bearing without dismantling the bearing housing. The annular space between the shaft and the bearing housing is filled with grease and act as reservoir for grease ensuring proper lubrication of the bearings all times.


Main drive of the centrifuge is through electric motor, clutch pulley & V-Belt. Maximum power is required for starting of the rotation of the basket. During running very little power is required. The small amount of power is required only to overcome the turbulence caused by rotation inside the outer casing.

Model DIA (mm) Basket Volvume Under LIP in Lit H.P of MOTOR A B Flor Space mm x mm G’ valve Weight kg.
Depth MM Speed MM
PBCTD – 12 300 250 1400 12 0.05 690 860 750×750 345 175
PBCTD – 20 500 300 1200 30 2 750 1060 800×800 400 325
PBCTD – 24 600 300 1100 55 3 825 1190 900×900 405 475
PBCTD – 30 750 350 1000 95 5 860 1460 1100×1100 415 750
PBCTD – 36 900 375 900 160 10 975 1635 1250×1250 405 1000
PBCTD – 40 1000 450 900 200 12.5 1050 1865 1400×1400 430 1100
PBCTD – 48 1200 500 800 310 15 1150 2185 1600×1600 420 1250
PBCTD – 60 1500 500 600 400 25 1225 2400 1900×1900 400 1600

The power is transmitted to the V-belt by clutch pulley which ensures the required high starting torque which does not directly over load the motor. One part of the clutch pulley picks up the speed of motor rpm and other part of clutch pulley slowly picks up the speed.

When the full speed is achieved then there is no acceleration of the basket and hence no additional power is required, on the other side for stopping, a brake is provided to stop the rotation of the basket. This is operated by hand lever.


This facility was introduced for reducing the cycle time for (each batch of) centrifuging. The bag is located inside the basket & fixed to top cover of the basket. After centrifuging, top cover is lifted by suitable arrangement. The filter bag and the “DRIED” solid one also lifted along with the top cover. The “DRY” solid is discharged from the same bag & basket is immediately assembled into the machine for next batch. Otherwise laborious effort is to be put in for extraction of powder from centrifuge.

The BASKET LIFTING arrangement facilitates easy changeover of basket after every batch. This provides more batch in specified time slot, resulting more production with an addition of small investment for extra basket. Typical application is fat extractions. Centrifuge is supplied with steam jacket.


This equipment has two rotational speeds. The product slurry is fed at a lower speed. This method is followed to reduce imbalance on the basket. After feeding the speed of the basket is increased for speedy removal of liquid. After complete drying, the speed is again reduced and the powder is scrapped by a scrapper. The scrapper can be either of Hydraulic or Mechanical.

The scrapped material falls through the opening provided at the bottom of the basket and conveyed by suitable conveyor. A perforated sheet is installed inside the filter cloth to protect the same from the mechanical action of the scrapper. Filter cloth is kept between perforated basket & perforated sheet.

Model DIA (mm) Basket Volvume Under LIP in Lit H.P of Main- MOTOR B mm H mm Flor Space mm x mm G’ valve Weight kg.
Depth MM Speed MM
PBCBD – 30 750 350 1000 130 5. 0 1500 2100 1250×1250 415 825
PBCBD – 36 900 375 900 220 10. 0 1700 2200 1400×1400 405 1100
PBCBD – 40 1000 450 900 275 12. 5 1800 2300 1600×1600 430 1150
PBCBD – 48 1250 500 800 300 15. 0 2000 2400 1900×1900 420 1300



  • Steam Jacket Is Provided For Maintaining The Required Temperature Inside The Basket Centrifuge
  • Basket Lifting For Easy Removal Of Mass.
  • Extra Basket Is Provided For Speedy & Easy Changeover.


  • The Excess Dye From The Bobbins Is Recovered By Centrifuging.
  • In Dyeing Of Textile Spun Material In The Form Of Bobbins Is Dipped Into Dye Vats.
  • Excess Water Is Removed From Bobin For Easy & Fast Drying.


  • Cutting Oil Is Used During Machining. Substantial Amount Of Oil Is Lost Along With Chips. By Centrifuging The Oil Is Recovered.
  • The Chips Fetch Better Price When Sold As Scrap.


  • Some Vegetable & Mushrooms Pick Up Moisture While Washing.
  • The Excess Water Can Be Eliminated By Centrifuging.